US OPEN 2018
What makes a winner
C3 NYC Relationsip Series
BTS of a relationship series photoshoot by C3 NYC
C3 NYC Daughters Series
A short non-linear film complimented by one of the most beautiful dialogues in cinema from Good Will 

Auburn CityFest 

The City of Auburn and the CityFest Committee put together an Arts and Crafts festival every year to celebrate creativity.

The Waitlist

A short film about the consequences of the snooze button


A non-linear video that uses music to create the mood.

Therapeutics Summer 2016 Camp Recap Video

The City of Auburn offers a therapeutics camp over the summer that is aimed toward teenagers and young adults with special needs. 

City of Auburn Summernight 2016 Recap Video

The City of Auburn holds an annual mid-summer event with a theme each year. This year's theme involved cookies and attendees were encouraged to dress up in their favorite cookie attire as well as participate in a cookie baking contest. 

Clara Baena Interview

Clara Baena, an Auburn University student athlete from Spain, talks about some of the challenges of moving to a completely different country and trying to adjust and balance sports and academics. 

Gvijin Set Demo
NYC DJ/Producer set demo in the Lower East Side
Ozwald Boateng Fashion Show
Mini-reel of Ozwald Boateng Show in NYC sponsored by Vero.

 Empty Bowls

In an effort to raise awareness on food insecurity, the City of Auburn and City of Opelika, teamed up to bring the Empty Bowls event to the Auburn-Opelika area. 
This video was created for the purpose of showing the impact the community can have in eradicating hunger in their areas.

Peace of Mind

A short that was made according to a specific shot list and uses a poem to set the mood


A non-linear video that uses music to create the mood 

Jillian Mayer Interview

Decorated visual artist, Jillian Mayer, visited the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University as a keynote speaker during the Camera Lucida exhibition series. 

Auburn Community Tennis Association Fireball Tennis Promo Video

Fireball, a fast-paced game similar to regular tennis, but on a smaller court, is a game introduced by the Auburn Community Tennis Association in the summer of 2016. The above promotional video gives you a feel of the game. 

VO/SOT package

Ben Baker discusses the importance of celebrating Black History Month and ways in which Auburn University recognizes the month. 

Pink Sweat$ NYC Show
Gviin Set Demo

~Imagination is the key to greater things. To have the strength to execute the creations of the mind is to have the will to create a creative space for learning, growing and appreciating the power of art~

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