I’m a native of Kenya, born and raised in the bustling capital city, Nairobi and for fifteen years I had never been as culturally challenged as I was when I uprooted my life and moved to the United States. After living here for 5+ years, I started to struggle with the question, “Where are you from,” because I never could quite understand what short form answer to give without diving into an entire life story. With the help of a few books, friends and a very eye-opening TED Talk by Taiye Selasi, I finally found a way of encapsulating my origin. So let’s try to do this again, shall we?


I’m a native of Kenya. However, this doesn’t mean that I am an accurate representation of what a Kenyan is like because within Kenya and through my upbringing, culture and experiences, I am but a fraction of Kenya’s immensely diverse population. We all share certain moral standings, belief systems and cultural practices but we are all so different. So I am a local of Nairobi and Kisumu. I am a local of all the 4+ neighborhoods I grew up in. I am a local in Alabama and within Alabama I am a local of Auburn and Birmingham, however, through my experiences in all these areas I could easily relate with a New York city local or a Nigerian local. In short, I am defined by all the areas that have influenced my character development. So rather than “where are you from?” I’d ask, “Where are you a local?”

I have a passion for the visual arts and admire the power of storytelling through it. I aspire to work in creating documentaries that educate and entertain about a plethora of topics, mainly concerning the African experience and its impact on the rest of the world.

I’m a graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. Through my studies at Auburn, I worked in various journalistic media such as newspaper at The Auburn Plainsman, television at Eagle Eye TV and radio at WEGL 91.1 Auburn. I have also worked as a student ambassador for the HBO college program and interned at the City of Auburn’s Parks and Recreation department as a public relations intern. Through these involvements I gained experience in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, and Final Cut Pro. 


Additionally, I’m multilingual, in that I can fluently speak Swahili, Luo, English and carry out a conversation (albeit slightly slow) in Spanish. I’m a traveler at heart and crave adventure through living and learning from people of different cultural backgrounds than my own. I am a proactive thinker and enjoy a good laugh. I am convinced life is too short to eat mediocre food. I enjoy quality time and deep conversations with open-minded thinkers. I welcome opinions and embrace the opportunity to tap into challenging topics of conversation. I love, live and breathe good music (regardless of genre). 


Hopefully, I have been able to communicate enough about me above and I would love for us to talk! Head over to the contact page and let’s get familiar.


Kwaheri rafiki,


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