November 19, 2019

Kristal’s car pulled into a lot of what really felt like the middle of nowhere, Alabama. As I examined this piece of land right off of the road, there was something that especially stood out. In the middle of abandoned car repair shops, stood a building that looked like it was straight off of a page of Architectural Digest...

Eating out is nothing new to Kenya’s urban population. However, with the increase in presence of western food companies such as; KFC, Domino’s Pizza and Naked Pizza, the target youth and professionals in the food industry are still opting for much healthier options. BBC’s Africa Business Report projected a seven million increase in Kenya’s population size within the next five years thus creating a market for leading western food companies to extend their brands within the continent.

I remember thinking to myself, at about the ages of 11-17, that it was a gift to be a few shades lighter. I always thought my dark skin didn’t make me admirable or attractive to the other boys in my class. For years, the idea that lighter skin was far more attractive than darker skin had been embedded deep within my core. I knew no different. Therefore, I wanted to be pretty and to be prettier I had to be lighter. So I thought, when I was old enough, I would buy myself a tube of Fair and Lovely.

Word spread around like wildfire in Auburn University’s campus when University of Missouri’s president stepped down amid accusations of negligence towards racial issues that were plaguing the campus. 

March 01, 2016

 A broken heart.


No other known cure has been found for it other than time. But time is a relative man made concept so technically a broken heart may take a lifetime to heal. Several songs, movies, novels, and poems have been written in the name of a broken heart. The greatest of mankind have suffered a broken heart. To simply put it, no one is born immune to a broken heart.

October 04, 2016

In July 2015, US President Barrack Obama made his visit to Kenya and there were a plethora of issues that ordinary Kenyans felt should have been addressed.One of the issues was the fact that the same location that Obama was scheduled to be welcomed and celebrated was the same location that was used as a concentration camp for Somalis in 2014.The other issue was the fact that some Kenyans felt neglected by the devastating effects of the August 7th 1998 US Embassy bombing that left approximately 200 people dead.

Each spring, the Auburn University Office of University Scholarships awards scholarships to incoming freshmen for the next school year and general scholarships for current enrolled students.

Benjamin Gustafson, Auburn University senior in software engineering, and Tyler Smith, University of South Carolina senior in computer science, started a software program that helps educators nationwide make classroom observation more efficient, according to Gustafson.

Sara Rains, senior in nutrition and wellness, and Jessica Adams, senior in microbial biology, were named finalists for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, the most competitive public service award for undergraduates in the nation, according to Paul Harris, associate professor and associate director of the University Honors College.

UPC hosted Aasif Mandvi, well-known correspondent for “The Daily Show,” at the Foy Auditorium on Monday, March 9.

Miranda Marty, senior in political science and director of speakers and comedians committee said they choose Mandvi because he is relevant and they choose speakers or comedians to do a show in Auburn typically based on whether they are well-known.

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