the mayfield legacy

Kristal’s car pulled into a lot of what really felt like the middle of nowhere, Alabama.

As I examined this piece of land right off of the road, there was something that especially stood out.

In the middle of abandoned car repair shops, stood a building that looked like it was straight off of a page of Architectural Digest.


It’s Mahogany-esque doors, exposed brick walls and large windows that were meticulously covered with white curtains made it feel like a portal into a world unknown. 

Kristal knocked on the door and a man who strikingly resembled her opened up with eyes brighter than day. With a welcoming spirit, he invited us into his auto wonderland. I was immediately struck by the contrast of the pristine exterior to the rustic interior of the car shop; it felt poetic.

The cars in Mr. Mayfield’s shop had existed several years before I was born. They carried with them stories of families, lovers, lone travelers and now collectors. They all ranged from freshly refurbished to what looked like a pile of rusted metals and parts. It felt like I was peering into decades of stories untold, all encompassed in a car. 

Mr. Mayfield spoke about each of the cars with care and precision, giving them all different life based upon their make and purpose. 


As I went about documenting the cars and taking them in part by part, I started to fall in love with each car and the depths of stories it felt like they held.


Mr. Mayfield’s passion for transforming these cars into something new while maintaining their core characters shone through by the stories he’d tell about each one.

He was creating a legacy with these cars that would later be passed down to his genetic legacy, Kristal.


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